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Rest In Peace
Jacques Cholet (Jacques Marie Charles Cholet)
16 July 1911 – 5 December 1985

"On my own account I excavated both under and behind the altar but found nothing. I also excavated in line with and in front of the altar – again nothing….I was also made to tear up the floor of the church, starting from the pulpit: my sponsor, a pendulum enthusiast, had located the entrance of the underground passageways there – but we found nothing. I persevered as far as the foundations of the church, digging as far as virgin soil. We found the outline of numerous empty vaults. We resumed the same task along the south wall, with approximately the same result, the only difference being that all the human remains, which were missing on the other side, had been placed there higgledy-piggledy. On the advice of a female clairvoyant we were urged to excavate behind the altar – but found nothing".

Salient extract from Jacques Cholet's Report, dated 25 April 1967.

Rennes-le-Château Researchers & Hoaxsters