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Rest In Peace
Francis Blanche (Francis-Jean Blanche)
20 July 1921-6 July 1974

Philippe de Chérisey alleged that Francis Blanche asked him to produce some parchments for the popular 1950s French radio serial ‘Signé Furax’ (reproduced in Gérard de Sède’s 1967 book, L’Or de Rennes).

Francis Blanche allegedly asked Philippe de Chérisey to forward the parchments to Pierre Arnaud de Chassipoulet, who directed ‘Signé Furax’ (actually Pierre-Arnaud de Chassy-Poulay, the pseudonym of Pierre Arnaud, 1921-2013).

Philippe de Chérisey’s allegation about Francis Blanche appeared in his 1978 document, “L’Énigme de Rennes.”

Francis Blanche (conveniently) died in 1974.

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