Shepherds of Arcadia, Jean-Pierre Garcia

The French Believers

Paul Smith  

9 February 2018

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Revised 10 February 2018

The believers have put on hold the historical origins of the former Louis Lawrence tomb at Les Pontils (putting aside it was first constructed during the 1930s, made from modern materials) and that it was first incorporated into the fake Rennes-le-Château mystery by Gérard de Sède and Jean Pellet in a 1972 magazine article, later appropriated by Pierre Plantard and Philippe de Chérisey.

There are all sorts of hidden meanings and landscape correspondences in existence relating to Les Pontils, pointing to an underground history of France. And of course Poussin’s “Shepherds of Arcadia” has been subjected to as many differering and contradictory geometrical overlays as there are people.

Apophenia is a popular pastime among believers.

Several examples below from believers Jean-Pierre Garcia and Nate W. Beck:

Rennes-le-Château Timeline