Saunière’s ads for Masses – Rhedesium Website

Paul Smith

12 October 2017
Put online at: 8:30 PM GMT

The Rhedesium Webmaster asked the following question:

The answer to this question has been answered many times without any of the believers taking any notice.

Saunière’s ads for masses were placed in advertisement supplements in journals, magazines and newspapers – that ended up as material used for starting fires. That’s why they have not survived.

Now we can ask the Rhedesium Webmaster the following question – what reason is there to believe in treasures, mysteries and Amazing Stories in relation to Bérenger Saunière – especially since such Amazing Stories originated with charlatans and conspiracy theorists.

The evidence exists in Saunière’s own handwriting how he attained his wealth – by trafficking in masses. Saunière kept precise records.

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