Letter dated 13 February 2004 from Monsieur Claude Charlot - Translation

The Original Letter


In our archive holdings we have a small file – reference Ga P7 – on Pierre PLANTARD, also known as ‘Pierre de France’ or ‘Varrau de Verrestra’. This file, which consists of some forty pages, describes in essence Pierre PLANTARD's various activities during the German Occupation. In this file the Association known as Alpha Galatès is only fleetingly referred to.

Pierre PLANTARD seems to have been a young oddball, identifying hypothetical ‘Judaeo-Masonic’ conspiracies at regular intervals and repeatedly offering his services to the authorities but without anyone taking the slightest notice of him. His political clout was non-existent and his influence absolutely zero.

It would seem that he spent his time creating more or less fictitious movements with names like Rénovation Nationale Française and Groupement catholique de la Jeunesse as well as thinking up nebulous schemes such as L'épuration et la rénovation de la France [‘Purification and renewal of France’], publishing a few newsletters such as Rénovation française and Vaincre (which were completely ignored) and boasting about non-existent political friendships to make him seem important.

The association Alpha Galatès is mentioned in this file in connection with two reports dated 13 February 1944 [sic] and 6 June 1945 [sic], copies of which you will find enclosed.

File Ga P7 - Police Reports about Pierre Plantard