The Representatives of the Prieure of Sion Rose Croix Veritas ...

Paul Smith

12 August 2017

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The Rennes-le-Château Tourist Industry is full of gimmicks in order to attract revenue by spreading Amazing Stories about Bérenger Saunière – this is outlined in its commemoration of the centenary of Saunière’s death and related conferences (“friendly events towards Saunière”).

The Rhedesium website likes to involve itself in spreading updates about the Rennes-le-Château Tourist Industry – twinning itself with the French Gazette de Rennes-le-Château website.

The 1960s-1990s version of the Priory of Sion was of course a figment of Pierre Plantard’s imagination. Its history was a complete fantasy and fiction, reflecting Plantard’s bogus claim to be descended from Dagobert II. The “Priory of Sion” terminated in 1993 after Pierre Plantard got himself into serious trouble falsely claiming that Roger-Patrice Pelat was its Grand Master. Pierre Plantard stopped all his “Priory of Sion” activities at this moment in time and ended depositing works in the Bibliothèque Nationale.

One of Plantard’s former acquaintances, Gino Sandri, keeps the nonsense going today and his version of the “Priory of Sion” – the Priéure de Sion Rose Croix Veritas – made a donation to the Municipality of Rennes-le-Château towards the repair of the statue of the Devil that was vandalised on 23 April.

There is nothing “mysterious” about this donation, or that the Priéure de Sion Rose Croix Veritas is a continuation of a nonsense and absurdity.

But in the best traditions of this series of modern-day hoaxes – words like mystery are an essential part of the vocabulary and are strongly encouraged and promoted – the nonsense is entirely dependent on the word mystery.

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