Robert Richardson and Pierre Plantard (again)

Paul Smith

16 November 2017
Online At: 9:30 PM GMT

The Rhedesium website seems to have begun a Questions & Answers routine and this time has raised Robert Richardson’s (mistaken) takes on Pierre Plantard.

Unfortunately, Richardson’s claims about Plantard were his own idiosyncratic theories not based on objective research. Robert Richardson has also failed to provide direct evidence to support his statements that Pierre Plantard began claiming to be descended from the Merovingians during the 1950s (“Merovingian Promotion at Saint Sulpice”, The Rennes Observer, Number 16, pages 36-37, 1997).

Richardson criticises researchers who present Pierre Plantard as a “lone nut” – but such researchers are in good company – to cite only one example – M. Claude Charlot, chief archivist at the Paris Prefecture of Police – holds the same position when he stated that everything to do with the Alpha Galates existed only on paper.

Pierre Plantard was a proven lifelong pathological liar to make himself look more important (cited in the 1940s Police Reports on Plantard), and this dates all the way from his earliest activities during the late 1930s to 1989 when he falsely claimed that Roger-Patrice Pelat was the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion.

Therefore, when Plantard claimed to have his 1938 pamphlets and later 1940s issues of Vaincre printed by Imprimerie Poirier Murat – this did not have to be a factual statement – especially since the same stencil-kit Plantard used on those 1930s pamphlets and 1940s issues of Vaincre were also used on the 1960s issues of Circuit and on some of the later Priory of Sion documents (most notably on the cover of the 1971 novella, Circuit). Plantard’s circulation claims for his pamphlets of the late 1930s and the 1940s issues of Vaincre were also patent falsehoods, as noted in the Police Reports about him.

The people that Plantard claimed were members of his Alpha Galates Committee could equally have been fabricated lies – in the same way that he told lies about distinguished and notable personalities like Henri Coston, Maurice Lecomte-Moncharville, Paul Le Cour, and others – that were allegedly involved with his Alpha Galates – conclusions agreed upon and shared by all objective researchers.

Therefore, Robert Richardson wasn’t critical enough in his estimations of Pierre Plantard, and gave him too much unwarranted respect and credence.

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