This is not the re-creation of the Priory of Sion in 1681
The Priory of Sion of Les Dossiers Secrets was wrong
The Priory of Sion of 1188 was inspired under the influence of LSD

JUIN 1989
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[Seal of the Secretariat-General of the Priory of Sion]


O... PARIS 4 April 1989

My Very Dear Brothers,

More than three hundred letters received since the publication of the last issue of VAINCRE, and all this mail focuses on just one topic: the date of the foundation of the Priory of Sion! I cannot reply to each of you individually, so I must resign myself to publishing by means of this internal circular of the ORDER the outcome of researches into this matter undertaken over these past few years.

The majority of the members of SION believe (as I myself do) that the foundation of the PRIORY goes back to 17 JANUARY 1681 at RENNES-LE-CHATEAU. Nevertheless, despite all our researches, it has not been possible for us to find a document proving that this date is correct.

What we do have in our hands is a document of Cardinal de FLEURY, who was at the time in question Minister of Louis XV, in which he remitted to Abbe Jean Paul de NEGRE, former Vicar-General of the Diocese of ALET, subsantial sums for “advising the Priory of Sion on 19 September 1738”. Incidentally, a letter from Francois d'Hautpoul to Abbe de Negre (who was then at Saint Paul de Fenouillet) confirms this date. Regarding 1738, many of our brothers think that this date must be wrong, as it is not possible, for in 1681 Abbe de NEGRE was only 4 years old (he was born in 1677), and Francois de HAUTPOUL had not even been born (he was born in 1689)! On the other hand it is well established that the Abbe de FELURY made visits to ALET and LIMOUX in 1680/1681, where he took an interest in the sanctuary. It is therefore certain that he met there Henri d'HAUTPOUL, protector of the “Enfants ou Bons Enfants” [“Children or Good Children”].

In any case Cardinal de FLEURY received in 1698, via a donation from King Louis XIV, the property of ROC NEGRE and the bishopric of FREGUS.

If we no longer have formal proof of the foundation of the PRIORY OF SION in 1681 we can however accept that LABOUISSE-ROCHEFORT, a brother of the ORDER, was a great friend of VICTOR HUGO and a friend of Brother NODIER, and undoubtedly possessed archives since lost (perhaps during the wars of 1914/1918 or 1939/1945), but certainly not in 1870, for Victor HUGO drew up the constitutions on 14 July 1870 and on the same day, he planted the oak-tree of the United States of Europe, when he held the relevant documents in his own hands. Victor HUGO lodged part of his archives on 19 July 1870 with PAUL HEURICE, of 5 Avenue Frochot, Paris, and the other part on 13 August 1870 in a trunk in GUERNSEY. In 1885, during the advent of Claude DEBUSSY as Grand-Master, one part of the Archives of the PRIORY OF SION was found in GISORS and the other at the house of Monsieur de SAINT HILLIER at the Chateau du LYS (SAINT HILLIER was the great-uncle of Philippe de CHERISEY).

I think that it would be good to remember that the “17 JANUARY” has an esoteric significance for the PRIORY OF SION, as follows: JANUARY/17, that is to say 19 SEPTEMBER, the fete of Bishop JANVIER [JANUARY], born 270 + 305, or 17 – he wore the Mitre of the Sun. That is the Pierre de Trou [Peter of the Hole], who appears in an Honoured place on the chimneys. That represents what one must believe. I dedicate this information to those of our Brothers who have the necessary wisdom to understand it.

Numerous profane persons thought and still think that our aim is to discover the treasure of Rennes-le-Château, something that is kept alive by a press and publications whose sole aim is to SELL their literature to these who are naive enough to buy it.

Our TREASURE, that of the PRIORY OF SION, is the SECRET of the ROC NOIR [Black Rock]. Venerated since high antiquity by those who believed in its immense power, it was likened to the DEVIL, and even LABOUISSE-ROCHEFORT wrote the following about it for the initiated:

“The Angel, of bastard race,
“In a dry and preposterous tone
“Constantly keeps under this watch
“This immense wealth...

... and only the initiated could understand that the treasure was not gold but the considerable energy which the MASTER of the genie who knows THE SECRET has at his disposal.

And so, Very Dear Brothers, there is nothing to stop you believing in the creation of the ORDER in 1681, even if we cannot... demonstrate in our own times the eternal TRUTH,



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