Vaincre, Number 5, 21 January 1943, page 3

French original




Professor of Law at the University of Strasbourg

(Chargé de Mission in Tibet)


The Sanctuary of the Dragon was not abandoned – a new monastery was constructed on its site. And so, beneath the crypt located underneath the flagstone of the Galatean Knights a crypt more ancient still, dating from this period, gives access to the old Sanctuary.

It was through the Sanctuary of the Dragon that the first knights passed to meet with the subterranean dwellers, who led them to the heart of the Breton crypts 379 metres down, in the City of the Alpha, where the Temple of Aga was located.

Is this still the only entrance to the City of the Alpha? No, but it is very certainly the oldest. This was probably the penultimate voyage that I made when I decided, in 1907, at the repeated invitation of the masters, to visit Brittany.

What I saw and learned there reminded me exactly of Lhasa.

There also present-day science was surpassed, and the psychic development of the mages left nothing to be desired in comparison with that of the wise men of Tibet.

What most caught my eye was a collection of indecipherable signs covering the largest part of the granite walls of the ‘great work’. Seeing my perplexity, one of the Masters of the Secret hastened to explain to me, to help me understand, that only three symbols were sovereign, and that these formed the unity of all symbols.

‘All the other symbols (letters, numerals, astrological and alchemical signs) – he told me – are only combinations of this trinity’.

Then he showed me the Hall of the King, Almost everywhere, carvings (1) covered the granite walls, depictions for the most part of famous men from within the order of the Alpha in quest of some small part of the Sacred Fire. Among other things, a picture signed Paracelsus especially attracted my attention. It depicted: ‘In the background: the Vatican: then, in the foreground, a Pope breaking the Tables of the Law of Moses with the sword that he carried in his right hand, on the hilt of which was a magnificent rose’.

Finally, in the Temple Rond, my guide pointed something out to me. I immediately approached it, as I had recognised the small round altar of Lhasa, but here there were some voices that I had already heard, nonetheless muffled as if they came from the centre of the earth.

‘See – my guide said to me – here you are quite close to Lhasa. Everything that I say at this moment the wise men will hear, as from the city of Lhasa to the city of the Alpha only terrestrial distance separates us’.

(1) These pictures have been copied and form the twenty-seven photographic plates of my book which is currently in preparation: Mystères de l’Inde.

Note: This article was not written by Le Comte Moncharville (Maurice Lecomte-Moncharville, 1864-1943) and the book “Mystères de l’Inde” has never existed. Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre (1842-1909) wrote a book entitled "Mission de l'Inde" in 1886 when he decided to withdraw it, all but two copies were destroyed.

Note: This article was reprinted as “Agartha: La Science Secrète des Sages” by Pierre de France, in Initiation, Magie, Science, Number 1, pages 28-33 (1946), and still falsely attributed to Lecomte-Moncharville