Le Serpent Rouge – Classic Fake

Paul Smith

21 July 2014

The 1967 document “Le Serpent Rouge” contains a poem divided into 13 parts each devoted to a constellation. It has been deliberately written in a nebulous fashion designed to obfuscate in order to baffle and to bewilder – to create the false impression that it is a “code” that can only be understood by initiates.

“Le Serpent Rouge” also contains patchworks of cuttings lifted from numerous religious sources implying the existence of an underlying hidden tradition involving the Paris Meridian (a metaphor for the Merovingian bloodline – also symbolised by the 13th constellation of Ophiuchus, mentioned in the poem, the “Serpent bearer”).

“Le Serpent Rouge” is only another example of the bogus corpus of the Priory of Sion representing the fake claim that Pierre Plantard was descended from Dagobert II