Pierre Plantard
Point of View of A Hermeticist (1962)
A Rational Explanation

Paul Smith

14 October 2017
Online At: 8:30 PM GMT

Centuries and centuries of human existence has produced endless amounts of Hermetic Tracts – since the origin of reading and writing in distant antiquity, originating from the dawn of civilization.

Below is Pierre Plantard’s [pre-Rennes-le-Château] Hermetic Tract, Point of View of A Hermeticist. Since the 1930s, Plantard fancied himself as an exponent of the esoteric world and a believer in the paranormal. He was a devoted follower of the anti-semitic and extreme right-wing Prophetess Geneviève Zaepfel, extolling her in the pages of his 1940s Vichy journal, Vaincre (Plantard adopted her unique symbol, Croix du Sud).

Like all other Hermetic Tracts in existence, Point of View of A Hermeticist does not add up to anything and exists without any tangible conclusion (it borrows motifs and ideas found in other French books). It is merely another esoteric work by someone who claims to possess “Second Sight” and to be able to gain access to the paranormal dimension and thus be able to understand ineffable insight and to be on a higher plane of existence to others – but it should be noticed how even Pierre Plantard – like all other exponents of Hermetic Tracts, fails to provide a simple explanation of what he is writing about (the Elizabethan Alchemist John Dee was a good example of this sort of thing, as was Aleister Crowley).

Rational sceptics ignore this type of material because it is too nebulous and too subjectively idiosyncratic – each author writes about something that is their own image, understood only by themselves, thus being of profound significance only to their own particular brand of understanding (but failing to understand that it is illegible to other people).

The Rhedesium Website tries to make something out of A Hermeticist’s Point of View – but, even in 2017, as shown by the example of what’s shown on Amazon Books – these types of books get published literally every few weeks and months, specialising in elliptical obscurantism.

Jean-Pierre Deloux published an anthology of similar previously unpublished esoteric articles by Plantard in Archives secrètes du Prieuré de Sion (Documents mystérieux de l’Histoire) (E-dite, 2006). It was reviewed by Genevièvè Béduneau, editor of the French journal, Historia Occultæ.

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