Pierre Plantard, Marius Fatin
La Vraie Langue Celtique

Paul Smith

23 January 2018
Put Online at: 16:00 GMT

It is claimed on the chit-chat online forums that “Plantard's interest in Boudet came through the Fatins who had a copy of LVLC and who made it know to Plantard during his visit to the château of Rennes in 1964” – the only source being Patrick Mensior, a well-known believer in the fake treasure of Rennes-le-Château and promoter of far-fetched laughable theories.

It is equally possible that Pierre Plantard consulted Boudet’s 1886 edition of La Vraie Langue Celtique held in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in 1965 without having to travel all the way to the Languedoc (the book was next privately reprinted by Philippe Schrauben in 1976).

Plantard would have mentioned it in his preface in the 1978 reprint of La Vraie Langue Celtique, had he been introduced to it by Marius Fatin. It is not impossible, but highly unlikely, that Marius Fatin would have had a copy of the 1886 first edition.

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