Le Cercle, page 57 (1992)


By Jacques d'ARTHUYS

Fifty-five years ago to the very day – on 21 May 1934 – six people founded the ALPHA GALATES: Georges MONTI, Dr. SAVOIRE, Professor Maurice MONCHARVILLE, Marshal FRANÇOIS d'ESPERAY, Professor Louis LEFUR and the writer Gabriel TRARIEUX d'EGMOND. In truth they exactly imitated the Order of the Priory of Sion by adopting its symbolism of the ARCH.

All six of them belonged to the PRIORY OF SION. Moreover, one of them was an adept of B'NAI BRITH, another was a member of the GRAND ORIENT, a third was a founder of the AMITIES AFRICAINES, and a fourth a founder of the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY.

For them the ARCH placed on the surface of the waters seemed like the sign of PEACE and WISDOM amid the torment. This was the sign of alliance, the guardian of the very essence of the Great Tradition. Its shape was the true representation of the Hebrew letter [Cheth], the engine of life, its number was 8, it was the last line of defence, while the sum of its three sides was 22 and its centre was the path that guides the ARCH towards the STAR.

The ARCH was the origin of the foundation of the PRIORY of SION and in our own times represents its pinnacle. It is composed of 13 members. The ROSE+CROIX meets in the Temple Rond of the Roc Noir which, according to legend, was formerly a temple of MITHRAS. It has the shape of a semicircle of 12 toises 15 [a toise is obsolete unit of measurement; 1 toise = 1.949 metres] having 13 seats of stone. Each seat is engraved with a letter, namely: AB URBE CONDITA. On the ground is a GOLDEN SUN of 1 toise 52, bearing these letters: MM CD XXX IV, or 2434 in Roman numerals. It seems to be recent, no doubt engraved by a HAUTPOUL towards the end of the 17th century. The former entry is obstructed over a distance of more than toises, but a drilling has opened up an entry to the south. In our own time the ARCH extends over a large part of the world. It is from its summit that the heads of state will come to search for PEACE.

PARIS, 21 MAY 1989