The Priory of Sion, in “the shadow of the Alpina”...

Paul Smith

10 August 2017

Put online at: 3:22PM GMT

The article below from the Rhedesium Wesbsite correctly stated that Pierre Jarnac stated it was only alleged that the 1965 document by Pierre Plantard and Philippe de Chérisey, Les Descendants Mérovingiens ou l’énigme du Razès wisigoth, originated from the Swiss Grand Loge Alpina.

A member of Swiss Grand Loge Alpina (whose first name was Henrique) confirmed during the 1980s that the document attributed to Madeleine Blancassal had no connection with the Loge.

That would be confirmed by anyone sending a request to Grand Loge Alpina about the matter. This was just another example of Plantard and de Chérisey hi-jacking an association the same way they hi-jacked the names of various people in their documents.

Geneva is the Headquarters of the United Nations of Europe and Plantard was always interested in that concept – since the 1940s Alpha Galates, through to the late 1950s issues of Circuit – to the revived version of the journal Vaincre of the late 1980s and early 1990s. But the “connections” given by Plantard only ever existed in his imagination.

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