The Da Vinci Code: The Death of Robert Langdon

Paul Smith

23 November 2014

A sequel to The Da Vinci Code should be published where Robert Langdon commits suicide after finding out everything he believed in was rubbish and that he was tricked.

The whole premise to the original novel rests upon trusting spurious books that were only fringe history where the historical facts were either rejected or concealed (the novel was fiction based on what the author believed was “fact”, as he has continuously repeated on his website and elsewhere, calling The Da Vinci Code only a novel is a misconception).

The success of The Da Vinci Code gave massive exposure to the Priory of Sion and in turn to the story of Bérenger Saunière and Rennes-le-Château. Both stories rest upon wishful thinking devoid of any historical provenance. There is no historical or archaeological reality attached to any of the claims that have been made in relation to these stories since the mid 1950s, as many serious researchers over the decades have concluded. The subject matter only further demonstrates the gullibility and credulity of the general public at large. Of course, critical books written by serious researchers never become bestsellers and the facts always get lost in avalanches of new sensational jargon that replaces the old.

Wishful thinking is a perpetual motion machine and history as it could have been is always more appealing to history as it really was.

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