The original Galibert Family Tomb, circa 1903 and in Limoux, today

Shortly before the Galibert family sold their property at Les Pontils to the Lawrence family during the 1920s, they exhumed the family remains on their land and transferred them to the cemetery in Limoux, where they can be seen today

The Galibert family grave was situated in a different place to where Louis Lawrence built his tomb during the 1930s

Photos credit © Ben Hammott

The grave of Louis Lawrence, in the cemetery of Saint Michel, Carcassonne, which no longer exists. He was not buried in the tomb he constructed – that contained the remains of his grandmother (Marie Rivarès), mother (Emily Rivarès) and the remains of two mummified cats

Photo originally taken by Jean Pellet (1931-2012)
Photo copyright © Pierre Jarnac

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