The Holy Family In Modern Dress
Newsweek, 22 February, 1982

Excerpt of article

Like “Chariots of the Gods?” Erich Von Daniken's pseudoscientific work of the late 1960s that purported to prove that “ancient astronauts” had visited the Earth in prehistoric times, “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” is a mixture of obscure fact (the Prieuré, for example, does exist) and outlandish speculation. Serious scholars dismiss it, but it seems certain nonetheless to make place for itself in popular lore. “It's an intriguing story and there is some fascinating pseudo research,” says a spokesman for a leading London bookshop, Hatchard's of Piccadilly, which has already sold several hundred copies of the book. “Every five years or so a book with this sort of intriguing sensational appeal pops up, and it always makes a great deal of money for all concerned”.