Volumes 1 – 44

1. Rosicrucian Questions And Answers with Complete History Of The Rosicrucian Order by H. Spencer Lewis

2. Rosicrucian Principles For The Home and Business by H. Spencer Lewis

3. The Mystical Life of Jesus: An Astounding Account of The Known And “Unknown” Periods of The Great Master's Life by H. Spencer Lewis

4. The Secret Doctrines of Jesus by H. Spencer Lewis

5. Unto Thee I Grant.. . by Sri Ramatherio (H. Spencer Lewis)

6. A Thousand Years of Yesterdays: “A Strange Story of Mystic Revelations” by H. Spencer Lewis (Novel)

7. Self Mastery and Fate With The Cycles of Life by H. Spencer Lewis

8. Rosicrucian Manual by H. Spencer Lewis

9. Mystics At Prayer by Many Cihlar

10. Behold The Sign: A Book of Ancient Symbolism by Ralph M. Lewis

11. Mansions of The Soul: The Cosmic Conception by H. Spencer Lewis

12. Lemuria: The Lost Continent of The Pacific by Wishar S. Cervé (H. Spencer Lewis)

13. The Technique of The Master: The Way of Cosmic Preparation. A New Message To Adepts by Raymund Andrea

14. The Symbolic Prophecy Of The Great Pyramid by H. Spencer Lewis

15. The Book of Jasher: One of The Sacred Books of The Bible Long Lost or Undiscovered by A.M.O.R.C.

16. The Technique of The Disciple by Raymund Andrea

17. Mental Poisoning by H. Spencer Lewis

18. Glands: Our Invisible Guardians by M. W. Kapp

19. Along Civilization's Trail by Ralph M. Lewis

20. The Word Went Forth by Laura DeWitt James

21. What To Eat: And When by Stanley K. Clark

22. The Sanctuary of Self by Ralph M. Lewis

23. Sepher Yezirah: or The Jewish Metaphysics of Remote Antiquity by Isidor Kalisch

24. Of Gods and Miracles: Wondrous Tales of The Ancient Egyptians by Ulrich Steindorff Carrington

25. Son of The Sun: The Life and Philosophy of Akhnaton, King of Egypt by Savitri Devi

26. The Conscious Interlude by Ralph M. Lewis

27. Essays of A Modern Mystic: From The Writings of H. Spencer Lewis

28. Cosmic Mission Fulfilled: The Life of Doctor H. Spencer Lewis – A 20th Century Mystic by Ralph M. Lewis

29. Whisperings of Self: A Collection of Aphorisms Disigned To Uplift and Inspire Each Day of The Year by Validator (Ralph M. Lewis)

30. Herbalism Through The Ages by Ralph Whiteside Kerr

31. Egypt's Ancient Heritage by Rodman R. Clayson

32. Yesterday Has Much To Tell by Ralph M. Lewis (formerly 19, Along Civilization's Trail)

33. The Eternal Fruits of Knowledge by Cecil A. Poole

34. Cares That Infest: Between Man and Happiness by Cecil A. Poole

35. Mental Alchemy by Ralph M. Lewis

36. Messages From The Celestial Sanctum by Raymond Bernard

37. In Search of Reality by Cecil A. Poole

38. Through The Mind's Eye by Ralph M. Lewis

39. Mysticism: The Ultimate Experience by Cecil A. Poole

40. The Conscience of Science and Other Essays by Walter J. Albersheim

41. The Universe of Numbers by Ralph M. Lewis

42. Great Women Initiates, or The Feminine Mystic by Héléne Bernard

43. Increase Your Power of Creative Thinking In Eight Days! by Ron Dalrymple

44. Immortalised Words From The Past by Ralph M. Lewis

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